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Writing isn’t easy. Producing long-form or short, research-based, tech stories day in and day out can be really tough. The good news is that writing doesn’t have to be agonizing, and almost anybody can improve their writing skills. This list of my best ones will be updated monthly. Most of the articles from here are top earners and I was in the lucky 1000 writers with a little engagement who got the April bonus. Thanks, Medium, and all the readers.

  1. Best Cryptocurrency to Invest
  2. What does every investor want in a pitch?
  3. Quantum Computers: Mirage or…

UpCubed mission.

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The UpCubed story begins now!

A well-informed community is the forerunner of justice and the foundation of happiness. Thusly we will try to fulfill a role critically essential to the health of the vibrant platform. We are working free of obligation to any interests other than the public’s right to be educated and informed. Our vision is reflected in our motto “improve your knowledge”.

Every reader has an individual quality of intellect hidden well within the resources of his being. It is our responsibility to search and assist in the development of these resources; search for the motivation and dignity…

Web 3.0 vision.

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The worldwide web is an unfinished project. At first, when we had Web 1 most of us were only consumers of content. In other words, Web 1.0 was something about reading and not writing. Static, not dynamic. Then we had Web 2.0 with interactivity and users. Creator of platforms as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. More communicative, social, and collaborative. Moreover, the users creating content free in exchange for personal information and data to the companies mentioned before. So what the brave future vision technology beholds?

Web 1.0 called “Static Web” (1989–2005) was the time when people could think that Netscape…

The Bad Future of Democracy

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The ancient Greeks are credited with creating the very first democracy, although there were almost certainly earlier examples of primitive democracy in other parts of the world. Democracy, in its pure form, is the rule of the strong over the weak, the majority over the minority. But is democracy overall just a political system based on the vote? A system controlled or manipulated? Does democracy have a deeper meaning?

Today there are as many different forms of democracy and different models. Most systems of government can work well, but only if are run by intelligent…

Guide rules and how to submit your story.

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The team of UpCubed is welcoming all of you to this new publication and will try to provide as much support and guidance as possible. We aim to share our knowledge with the best writers who are looking for ways to make money and want to build strong engagement and community. We are supporting only great content that will provide value to a target audience and are well-written. Here we publish unique, high-quality stories that focus on technology, artificial intelligence, culture, art, and power who is basically political diplomacy.

Stories published by UpCubed are owned by the author. Writers may…

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Today’s world is characterized by its global dimension. Markets’ universalization, new technologies’ impact, the move of companies to other countries, and the subsequent migration of leadership result in different perspectives. The most known is that leadership is frequently associated with the male gender. Other is that a title grants influence. Nope! A title might bring only power to control others but will not exert authentic influence. The other aspect revealed quite many divergent opinions. Even so, no one concluded that men’s leadership skills are more powerful and more important than women’s skills or vice versa, but it’s more clear that…

What are Shadow Profiles?

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For some people, data isn’t something you can hold in your hand or that you should stress about. Wrong!! The problem with this line of thinking is that you have a footprint online no matter what and even if you are not using apps or social networks. Furthermore, people tend to not read the TOS (terms of services) when it comes to signing up for things online. A big mistake because hidden in the TOS they grant these companies access to mic, camera as well as any other part of the device that they plan on using with their app…

Writing insights to get paid big bucks.

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You are tired of writing for pennies? For platforms that don’t reward your skills? The truth is, nearly every human being on the planet is interested in either saving or making pennies. Especially to get $1000 per month from freelance writing. One smart way to differentiate yourself as a professional writer is to build your own publication some may say, using the expertise you hope to harness from others. To succeed others say, you need to be commercially minded and target an established audience with proven demand for well-written stories. But are you…

Raise investment money quickly!

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Very few people could start a business, publish a book, release some music, or start a new entrepreneurship deal without someone else’s financial backing. Furthermore, for years startups are having a tough time getting bank credit or loans. The access to funding felt like it was limited only to more formal options like angel investors or venture capitalists. The problem got bigger and it was time for a new opportunity to raise in the market. Entrepreneurs realized that in this digital era with the help of communities, it’s much easier to raise money online without the…

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Entrepreneurs believe they can predict the future. Tend to be single-minded with their strategies, plans, and business models. All too often they neglect the core idea and waste funding on wrong suppositions. They go all about the technology or all about the sales, without taking time to form a quality plan. Thrall is ending in failures. But even failed businesses yield future networking opportunities. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, global startup funding grew 15% year-over-year in 2020 to over $259billions and the number of unicorns (private companies worth $1billion+) surpasses 500. Not all startups, however, managed to bring their companies too…

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