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Writing isn’t easy. Producing long-form or short, research-based, tech stories day in and day out can be really tough. The good news is that writing doesn’t have to be agonizing, and almost anybody can improve their writing skills. This list of my best ones will be updated monthly. Most of the articles from here are top earners and I was in the lucky 1000 writers with a little engagement who got the April bonus. Thanks, Medium, and all the readers.

  1. Best Cryptocurrency to Invest
  2. What does every investor want in a pitch?
  3. How does Medium make…

The global switch to remote work.

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For some of us, working outside of the big facilities was a blessing in disguise. We traded the nosy eyes of our coworkers and managers for the peace and happiness of a new location and paradigm. So paying an exorbitant rent just to be within commuting distance of a company headquarters will not be a norm? No. Big high-tech hubs are questioning their future. The global switch to remote work caused a big disruption. Created the possibility of telecommuting to work from a cheaper, greener, better location. Like maybe from home or from a more pleasing environment.

Big technology companies…

Six Signs to look for.

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Did we tap on an ad that downloaded a file or app we didn’t want? Did we open an email or tap a link that pops up from nowhere? We might be ignoring these signs already! Like it or not, most of us have grown used to our smartphones being spied upon by companies, tech giants, or even governments. But other parties can spy into our smartphones, too. This includes hackers, our employers, an ex-partner, or even yeah the press. They might be listening to our calls, reading and sending messages and emails, taking our credit cards details, our social…

From Bezos, Musk, and Branson to the Moon again.

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Above the stark New Mexico desert, a white and silver space plane rocketed toward the edge of Earth’s atmosphere. A few minutes later, a crafted ship with two pilots and four passengers floated more than 53 miles (86km)above our planet’s surface. They saw Earth’s curvature for some minutes. This story will be a daily one in the next decade. You might be asking why all the buzz flying to space? Or how soon will space tourism becomes widely available? To spark a little controversy, most nations consider the Kármán Line at 100 kilometers to be the official start of space…

How to fix them?

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Is your PC or Laptop Heating After Windows 11 Update? Don’t worry. Windows 11 requires high CPU resources to run efficiently. Exactly you need a minimum of 4GB of memory and 1GHz processing power. You also have to understand that PC with 32-Bit processors do not support Windows 11 yet. Hence, heating issues generally come due to the poor configuration of the Operating System or from the resources used. Also, dust, dirt, hair, and grime can hinder your laptop’s fan, causing it to struggle to cool the device down. With little tweaks around, you can optimize your PC or laptop…

Don’t believe always what you see online

A man looks into his phone camera. He shows a coin: “I’m gonna show you some magic… it’s all real.” A twist of his hand and the coin disappears. This is one of the three videos that went viral. The man looked like Tom Cruise and the videos got 11 million views. Nope, they were Deepfakes — videos in which the face of the performer is swapped with another person with the help of AI. Did you know that Amy Winehouse launched a new song on April 9, 2021, called “Man I Know”? It’s impossible you would say! The artist…

A new minimum payments program is due to start.

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In the pre-internet era, publishers had two distinct operations to manage: business and editorial. The business side was focused on generating revenue, mostly through selling ads, while the editorial side was solely responsible for creating compelling stories. Both sides never stick their noses in other's business. They avoided conflicts of interest and protected the integrity of journalists and shielded readers from stories influenced by corporate greed. But another nifty thing disturbed the old ways. The disintegration of large publishers and the rise of independent ones. Platforms flourished using a subscription model that does not need to cater to corporate advertisers.

Habits, Skill, or Hard Work?

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Human life could be defined as a path to success. But these particles which all of us avidly conquers, are not the target we are seeking. The more we stick our lips in the cup of terrestrial joys, the more our thirst for success invigorates itself, and the more we suffer the fatal disappointment. Success is often the result of a series of small decisions rather than one big one. Say what? Success is highly correlated with the work we put in and that regardless of all the “daily successes”, we simply have to avoid the easy road. …

Do you think you are free?

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Does this title anger you? Bother you? Not concern you at all? Is freedom an illusion? As incredible as it might sound, the vast majority of us are not free. Holy mother of all saints!! Depending on the country in which we live, we might feel more or less a type of freedom.

Choice. That is the activity that binds us. It is also an illusion. We choose every day. We choose to get up, to go to work, to feed ourselves, to shower, to help our children, to educate ourselves. Let’s face it — when we choose to be…

Climate Change perspectives.

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Too much phosphorus at the mouths of rivers and PLASTIC in the oceans, too much carbon in the atmosphere, radioactive particles, and POLLUTION everywhere. There are also absences: ice melt, vegetative loss, biodiversity loss, aridity. One word Climate Change. Is it too late? Is it reversible? are we facing an existential threat? Do we know that every heatwave occurring today is made more likely and more intense by human-induced climate change?

Climate change is the product of industrialization. But it’s not something discovered recently. There’s more to the story than action or inaction. We know that the issue was first…

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