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Writing isn’t easy. Producing long-form or short, research-based, tech stories day in and day out can be really tough. The good news is that writing doesn’t have to be agonizing, and almost anybody can improve their writing skills. This list with my best ones will be updated monthly. Most of the articles from here are curated and I was in the lucky 1000 writers with a little engagement who got the April bonus. Thanks, Medium, and all the readers.

  1. Best Cryptocurrency to Invest
  2. What does every investor want in a pitch?
  3. Quantum Computers: Mirage or Real…

How to deal with it?

Cyberbullies — 7Cube billboard.

Over the last years, it’s an increase in reporting a rise in bias and bullying behavior in and out of digital space. Every 30 seconds, a woman, somewhere, receives an abusive comment on Twitter (Amnesty International). 73% of students are saying they have been bullied in their lifetime and almost 50% say it happened last 30 days. Ok, all friends joke around with each other, but occasionally it’s hard to tell if someone is just having fun or trying to hurt others. Sometimes they will tell “just kidding”. But if the joke has gone too…

Tips on how to trade cryptocurrency.

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What have in common railways during the industrial revolution, the motor industry in the 20th century, the domestic appliances after the Second World War, and the cryptocurrency market of today? The inevitable fall of some of them. When a market is growing and everyone is astonished to get in some will lose the battle. The Crypto market is at that point. There are 10.000 cryptocurrency projects in the world right now. The vast majority of these currencies are worthless or intended only for very limited circulation. …

Inside the bubble groups.

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Humans are pattern-seeking storytelling beings. But they cannot endure an absence of meaning. In this regard, we (humans) have a hard need for myths, princesses, and superheroes. No matter if we look geographically, or even when we look historically there is a story as old as time. The saga of the Hero. Often on a quest to accomplish something everyone knows to be humanly impossible. He is rewarded for his accomplishment with great wealth, status, maybe even a measure of divinity for himself. In past years almost anything involved fantasy elements and heroes, no matter what…

Future of Ecommerce

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Physical versus digital, offline versus online might end. If we were to believe that retail is dead, then we should be spending all of our money doing online ads. But is not the issue. Today’s retail is in the process of being reinvented once again. The magic of the products is still happening in the real world even though most people buy online or through call centers. Because people have always bought with their hearts and justified with their heads. And for instance, they crave brands who connect with them rapidly beyond advertisements. (ex: Netflix or anything in the gaming…

How to prevent, detect and stop them.

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Cyber risk is not a new topic as well as crypto. It has been around since the start of the digital age, but cyber threats to organizations are now growing in scale and sophistication at an unprecedented rate. We used to hail a taxi through a wave of our arm, and a tourist traveled by plane to see a foreign city’s streets. …

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Why do we have an urge to jump for a FREE! item, even when it’s not what we really want? Would we buy something if it were discounted from 100 dollars to 20 dollars? Maybe. Would we grab it if it were dis­counted from 150 dollars to 0, free? I bet we would! Did you know that Coca-Cola introduced the first coupon for a free glass of Coke in attention 1887? For businesses just starting out, offering your normal service for free is a way to get attention to your products. People tend to be far more forgiving if they…

Best time to launch a startup!

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Crises always present new opportunities for entrepreneurs. They are generally viewed as dangerous, expensive, with destructive agendas and priorities. However, a look back in history illustrates that crises and extreme threats can be useful for directing individuals and the world to better solutions. During a crisis, the motivations change, potentially leading to new cooperative attempts and even to the creation of new systems, structures or companies. The dot-com bubble destroyed small companies and strengthened Amazon and eBay. …

Who is Behind Data Manipulation?

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Privacy is essential in today’s lifestyle and could be necessary for human society to function. Today we are giving up more and more private information online without knowing that it’s being harvested and personalized and sold to lots of different people…our likes and dislikes, our closest friends, our bad habits, even our daily movements, both on and offline. Many people underestimate the importance of online privacy, but they should be aware of how much information they’re sharing. Not only on social networks but just by browsing itself. Because on the “Internet”, data has high value. It’s stolen, sold, collected, and…

What do we know about Gen Z?

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Writing a good story is not easy especially for someone who loves social media and instant gratification. So the first steps are a discovery process. Second requires planning and documentation. Afterward, creating Suspense and Drama. Making the readers care about the final answers. The best stories are written with clues to generate a dramatic scene all through the story so that everything leads up to that final climax where the culminating question is answered. The key to suspense is not to divulge the secret to the final question/s too soon. Dancing with the…

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